Let it Snow! and **IMPORTANT NOTE**

There is a problem with the codes of the backgrounds on the post freeeeeee! Don't use them! I'll fix 'em up ASAP! Also, it was snowing, SOMETIMES I like snow, because I don't like school. So here is a message:

I made it myself! Isn't it pretty? You can't steal it because I edited the link. I will be making freebies like it though. It took a while. Cross your fingers that there will be a snowday sometime this year! Except ewith power, and cable, because I am in love with my TV and laptop. Maybe I should use them in my backgrounds. There is a sneak peak for the next background, except red. Thank you for reading this pointless post!


  1. Hi Cherry I know where not friends anymore, and I get that, but just a question how do you make your templates? They amazing and mine suck and I can't get the right code. If you won't tell me thats fine I'm sure you'd want them a secret...

  2. Tokidoki Lexi- i dont make templates, i make backgrounds. it takes time and guessing to get it right. plus, the code has to be switched around.