2 Rounds!

Hello everybody! I am sorry Shadowflower but I cannot enter you in this contest. (read on! It gets better!) I have an idea though, (as you read) there will be 2 rounds! (maybe 3!) Sound fair? The top 3 entries will go on to the next round. You can enter now! The second round will start after Thanksgiving Vacation! (I'm sorry about how long I'm keeping this contest on). Also there are gonna be sections of winners: 1st, 2nd, Cherry's Pick, and Random. You really should know how 1st and second works, the most votes for 1st, the second most for 2nd. Then I pick my favorite. It will be hard since they are all great! Then random, is a little different. You e-mail me telling me to enter 1 entry in the random thing. Example: You e-mail me saying: I want this person to get an entry! That person will get one entry. I will pick the number out of something, possibly scatter names on the floor and let my puppies grab one up. That would be fun! To get more entrys you can do this (for people entering and people e-mailing me)

Put my button on your blog.
Post about my contest on your blog.
Post about my contest on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. (you have to give me proof!)

I might put more up later (once I think them up)

Please do not E-mail me yet! Until Round 2!

Thank you!


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