Hello! I finally finished my blog for now! I'm very pleased with my hard work! Now, there will be only tweaks, and small edits in my blog! Unless I want to give my blog a makeover, speaking of makeovers, I am willing to give you a chance to win a whole makeover by me! That's right I am hosting a contest. Actually, I am hosting 2 contests! A raffle and a picture contest! Enter the picture contest here and you will automatically be added to this raffle! Rules:

1. You HAVE to advertise my blog in the post of your picture or you will be disqualified! (If you didn't know tell me the truth, please! If you did know and tell me the truth, we'll work something out :))
2. It has to be YOUR photography! Or you can edit a picture online! No stealing! Give me the link of the picture your editing! If it is your photography put your name on it! BE HONEST!
3. You are allowed to enter only the raffle or picture contest if you want to. But ONLY post your entries on this post! No where else!

Deadline: Halloween!

Thank you!


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